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Athena SmartCities Holdings Limited (ASC) was incorporated in Wyoming, USA on 2 March 2023. The Amecian based, founding members are Angela Kew, Edward Hui and Daniel Gambero.

ASC is a smart-cities technology solutions provider providing strategic inputs and tools for affordable housing township master-planning, communications and connections, safety and security, social engagement and economic development, sustainable and green living standards and infrastructure

The company whose headquarter is in San Francisco, USA had identified major strategic growth market opportunities in the Indo-Pacific, Africa and Latin America and Europe. ASC has prioritised South-East Asia, in particular Malaysia and Indonesia, as the current core entry markets calibrating ASC current capabilities and capacities with the target segment’s readiness to adopt ASC solutions.

This decision was made based on the assessment of the target segment’s readiness to adopt ASC solutions and the alignment of ASC’s current capabilities and capacities with the identified market opportunities.

ASC’s established connections in South-East Asia, particularly in Malaysia, provide the company with a unique advantage in identifying and pursuing market opportunities in the region. Leveraging its existing network of partners and contacts, ASC gains quick insights into local market trends, regulatory practices, and consumer preferences. Additionally, ASC’s established relationships with distributors, suppliers, and agents can help to identify new opportunities and navigate local business practices.

Despite its established connections, ASC places great importance on conducting market research to ensure that it has a comprehensive understanding of the local market dynamics. The company’s research efforts involve gathering first-hand insights through its local office and network, as well as hiring local consultants and leveraging online resources. This approach allows ASC to stay ahead of market trends and emerging opportunities.

In addition to market research, ASC actively participates in trade shows and conferences throughout South-East Asia to connect with potential partners and customers, showcase its products and services, and stay abreast of the latest industry developments. These events also provide valuable opportunities for ASC to build relationships with key stakeholders

ASC is a prominent technology solutions provider, dedicated to developing innovative smart city solutions across the globe. Their projects vary in size and scope, ranging from small residential communities to large-scale township developments.

One of ASC’s notable projects is their partnership with the Housing Development Corporation of Sarawak, Malaysia’s largest state to focus on addressing the pressing issue of affordable housing by providing accessible and affordable solutions to over 90,000 low-income families in the region.

ASC has also secured over 100 SaaS contracts with residential communities worldwide, providing Smart Community solutions that allow these communities to manage and optimize their resources efficiently. The platform has transformed the industry, facilitating transactions totalling over several million dollars.

In addition, ASC is committed to providing digital infrastructure solutions for over 100 companies worldwide. They offer the necessary technology solutions that optimize digital infrastructure, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.

ASC’s recent letter of intent with various township builders is a testament to their expertise in delivering comprehensive and innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of various communities and businesses. This letter of intent positions ASC as the sole technology solutions provider for Smart Township, Smart Community, Smart Recreation Park, and related projects.

ASC’s commitment to developing innovative technologies is further demonstrated through their range of IP technologies wholly owned by the company.

These include the Smart Community platform, Property Management Financial suite, Athena SmartESG backbone system with Big Data, and AthenaCore Smart City backbone platform.

One of ASC’s notable Canadian projects is their provision of the Smart Community platform to a large metropolitan Canadian city. This platform enables the city to optimize its resources and streamline its operations, improving the overall quality of life for its residents.

Overall, ASC’s dedication to leveraging technology to address the world’s most pressing challenges is evident in their ongoing smart city projects and their range of innovative technologies.

ASC is not in the business of construction, building and maintenance of the estates but acts as the conductor of an orchestra bringing to the clients a concert of specialists in various domains

ASc’s established connections and experience in South-East Asia enable the company to navigate local regulations and business practices. This helps ASC effectively tackle potential challenges that may arise when entering new markets and ensures compliance with local laws and regulations.

By leveraging its expertise and connections, ASC is able to achieve its strategic growth objectives, expand its global footprint, and establish itself as a leading provider of innovative solutions in the region and beyond.

WIIFI - What’s In It For Investors?

Investors in ASC have the opportunity to benefit from multiple potential sources of returns on their investment. Firstly, the company plans to pursue an IPO on a North American bourse in the next 24 months, with a qualified listing share price of at least US $5. This strategic exit plan offers investors the potential for significant returns when the company goes public. At this stage, ASC is also offering a Reg D investment opportunity at only $1 per share, allowing investors to get in on the ground floor of the company’s growth. This early investment position offers investors the potential for significant gains when the company lists on a public exchange. To provide even greater flexibility and liquidity for its investors, ASC has arranged for the private equity portal to allow investors to do their private married deals. This enables investors to buy and sell shares on the private equity platform, providing them with more options for managing their investments. In addition to the potential returns from the planned IPO and private equity deals, ASC is also offering dividend payments to its investors. As the company grows and generates profits, investors can expect to receive regular dividend payments, providing them with ongoing returns on their investment. This dividend payment system offers a steady source of income for investors, making ASC a compelling investment opportunity for those seeking both short-term and long-term returns.

How Invest into Athena Smart-Cities can help address ESG issues?

As investors in smart-cities solutions, these key ESG matters can be addressed:
GHG (Greenhouses Gas) emissions: The adoption of technologies and life styles must be planned and instituted to reduce and remove GHG emissions with effective designs in energy-efficient buildings, communications and transportations, active life-styles, energy harnessing and conservation habits, sensing and calibration tools to cut down energy consumptions.
Dignity: Every human-being should live and die in dignity. Social engagement and mutual caring can be enhanced and practised by residents through humane urban planning and strategy that encourage and allow people to care and communicate with each other. The current design of “silo” and single units of dwelling methods must be modified to allow for social engagement and mutual help and care. Smart-cities living must be human-centric living.
Safety & Security: Blocked closed-circuit monitors, malfunctioning street and corridor lights, blind-spots and dark corners, sky-eye shelters and ghettos cannot be tolerated in any smart, safe and sound living city. Crime detection and prevention systems that are effective and fully integrated to alert civic citizens and policing responders must be installed and implemented.
Commuting and transportation: The waste and duplication in energies and efforts due to poor commuting and transportation planning and deployment cause unnecessary burn of CO2 and human efforts. Intelligent and integrated transportation hubs and spokes are much needed to help people travel with ease, comfort and quickly without burning a hole in the pocket and mother earth.
Mobility Friendly: Accessibility and safety are key designs to meet the mobility needs of people who are old, handicapped or disabled. The design for ease of movement and safety are paramount for an inclusive society. Emergency response systems linking to healthcare and first-aid responders are core systems for a caring community.

Economic Development: Smart-cities sustainability must not neglect the inclusion of economic development – that is creating jobs that allow people to earn respect and incomes to enjoy a decent standard of living. The occupancy distribution and load planning must commensurate with the economic and social harmony of any smart-city. The dichotomy and demarcation of the rich and poor must be avoided in modern and wholesome new estates.

Resource Savings: Smart-city designs call for savings in the use of resources such as energy and water through smart use of recycled materials, energy saving processes, frugal lifestyles such as reduction, recycle or reuse habits. The infrastructural design must allow for such new habits and structures & systems built to mould and solidify human behaviour to be really green.

Enriching Environment: Many cities are like concrete cities and it is so hard to breathe and release the tension in such an environment. The sacrifice of the natural habitat of trees, parks, shrubs gave way to inhuman living conditions in pigeon-like holes. Modern cities must not compromise the basic human entitlement of living in a green Eden garden. To make human smart and effective, they need to live in an environment that is enriching and enjoyable.

Our Cure for Pain Points and Customer Targets

The world population is rapidly shifting towards urban areas, with an additional 90 million people projected to move to cities in Southeast Asia alone. This shift is leading to a range of pain points that need to be addressed to create liveable and sustainable urban environments. These pain points are: Overcrowding, lack of affordable housing, safety issues, traffic congestion, insufficient infrastructure and technology, environmental degradation and proper township planning needed.

ASC smart-cities solution is designed to comprehensively address the pain points associated with urbanization.

We offer a range of tools and technologies that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of modern, rapidly growing cities.

Athena Technology Structure

Market Size

When considering investing in smart city solutions, it is important to understand the potential market size in order to assess the potential return on investment. In Southeast Asia alone, there are an estimated 155,000 townships with a population of around 100,000 people each. Based on an estimated spending of $1 million per township per year, the potential market size for smart city solutions in Southeast Asia alone is estimated to be around $124 billion per year.

The above represents a significant market opportunity for investors, as the demand for smart city solutions continues to grow with the rapid urbanization of the region. As more people move into cities and townships, the need for effective, sustainable urban planning and infrastructure will only continue to increase. By investing in smart city solutions, we have the opportunity to help meet this demand and create lasting value for both investors and local communities.

Target Customers

Athena's UNFAIR Advantages

As an experienced smart cities technology provider, we have several key unfair advantages that set us apart from competitors in the market:

Strong Policy and Government Connections: Our core team members are influential thought-leaders in smart city policy making and urban planning . This gives us unique insights into the needs and priorities of urban planners and decision-makers, and that helps to secure recognition and support for ASC.

Innovative Affordable Housing Solution: We have developed a highly innovative and effective platform for addressing affordable housing challenges. This platform is based on a deep understanding of the needs and challenges of modern urban environments, and delivers long-term value to communities and stakeholders. Many industry leaders recognise ASC expertise in this area.

Expertise and Experience: Our core team members are recognized global opinion leaders in the smart city industry, with deep expertise and experience in developing and delivering innovative solutions. This gives us a strong competitive advantage when it comes to securing new business and building long-term relationships with key stakeholders.

ESG Certification: ASC is an ESG certified consultant and assessor, providing us with unique insights and expertise in the growing field of sustainable and responsible investing. This gives us a strong competitive advantage when it comes to working with investors and other key stakeholders who are increasingly focused on ESG considerations.

Zero Cost and Transparent Profit Sharing: Once implemented, our solutions will be there forever at zero cost for the authorities. This means that we can build strong, long-term relationships with our customers and stakeholders, while also promoting transparency and accountability in our business practices. We are also open to transparent profit sharing models in the community-commerce super app business with either the community, developer, or authority, further promoting sustainable and equitable growth.

Together, these advantages give us a unique and powerful position in the smart city market. By leveraging our connections, expertise, and innovative solutions, we are able to build strong, long-term relationships with our customers and stakeholders. At the same time, our focus on sustainability and responsible business practices enables us to drive strong growth and profitability for our business.

Athena Key's Advantages

Core Board and Management Team

Chui Teen, Kew (Angela) (Group CEO) – Angela is a software solution expert with a passion for digitalization and automation. She has built a series of software solutions that have transformed business operations into efficient and streamlined digital processes. Throughout her career, she has contributed greatly to the development of innovative technologies, including the first Radio Frequency mobile system in Malaysia and various logistics systems for multiple companies. In her previous employment, she spearheaded a team that designed and developed hotel-managing systems for the renowned Genting Group, acquiring invaluable leadership and project management skills. In 2006, she co-founded eBOSS as the Chief Architect and drove the production of numerous software solutions for businesses. Five years ago, she ventured into the PropTech industry and built a Smart Community platform that quickly became a top 5 solution provider in the industry with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model in the region. Under her leadership, the platform experienced a 1000% revenue growth in just three years, and has helped many communities to transform into cashless communities. In addition, the platform gained 300% year-over-year growth in its traction. She been nominated as the Vice President of the Malaysia PropTech Association and serve as a mentor in accelerator programs that help startups to grow and is  one of the Top 50 Global PropTech Solutions leader that are Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) compliant. With her exceptional communication skills and knack for managing electronic systems, Angela is based in Houston, Texas USA and will focus on continuing to deliver innovative solutions that transform the global digital landscape.

Dr. Daniele Gambero (Group Business Development Director) – Dr Daniele Gambero, Propenomist, connects economic, demographic and wealth distribution data towards predictive analysis of sustainable and re-generative property development growth. Daniele is the co-founder and CEO of REI Group and start-up, he is also a mentor and a serial entrepreneur and investor in tech start-ups. He is the President of the Malaysia PropTech Association and a certified SDG and ESG consultant by GPM besides being one of the PropTech For Good ambassadors, a start-ups mentor and regular judge in pitching competitions. Strategic Consultant for Affordable Homes Total Solution engaged by Housing Development Corporation (Sarawak, Malaysia, Housing Ministry)

Dr Gambero biggest achievements have been to grow REI Group revenues from USD100k to USD1.5 Mil in 12 months, turn around a highly indebted and loss-making group of companies (producing automotive OEM components) with 250 staff into a highly profitable 35% and efficient one with less than 100 staff and no debt in 24 months.

Daniele has been undertaking the commitment to help property developers and, in general, all built environment stakeholders, to understand the applicability of the SDG guidelines towards sustainable and re-generative development and is invited, on a regular basis, to share his knowledge at congresses, summits and conferences. He is the author of Malaysian Propenomy, a book where he explains how data driven property development should be applied and a well-known and sought after international and TEDx speaker.

Kah Choon, Hui (Edward) (Group CTO) – Edward is the owner of Quantum Vertical, a company that provides professional services in Digital Infrastructure, Extra Low Voltage, and Information & Communication Technologies. Over the years, his company has served more than 100 satisfied clients, including listed companies and large corporations in Malaysia. As an expert in Digital Infrastructure, he has extensive experience in handling projects averaging over 1 million USD and the ability to design and build digital infrastructure solutions from the ground up. Under his leadership, the company has grown revenues by over 250% in recent years, turning the company from heavily in debt during the pandemic to a highly profitable one. He is passionate about helping customers accelerate their digital transformation to operate more profitable, safe, and sustainable industrial facilities and projects. He is also committed to providing solutions that help businesses thrive in an autonomous and more sustainable future.

Liew Shoum Kien (Group Chief Finance Officer) – Shoum Kien Liew, a seasoned Chartered Accountant with over 30 years of experience in finance. Throughout her career, she has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in finance, beginning her career as an Auditor and moving on to become an Accountant for multiple corporations.

As a key finance advisor, she was responsible for managing financial statements, tax planning and management, group budgeting, fund management, and cash flow management. In her more recent roles, she held the position of Finance Manager at a renowned hospital and Chief Assistant Bursar at a prestigious college.

She has built a reputation as a highly professional finance expert, providing valuable insights and advice to colleagues and clients. With her extensive experience, coupled with her dedication and commitment, she continues to deliver exceptional results in the field of finance.

Lee Hong Seng (Independent Director) – Hong Seng is an experienced e-commerce entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the competitive world of online retail. As the co-founder and CEO of a top e-retailer in the USA, he has successfully established his company as a tier one vendor on major online marketplaces like,, and With over fifteen years of experience in the e-commerce industry, Hong Seng has developed a deep understanding of how to effectively sell products online in the USA. Hong Seng is a techie at heart and holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri, Columbia. He leverages his technical background in 3D modelling, big data analysis, and MLaaS to create listings that are optimized for online marketplace search algorithms, helping to maximize sales and profitability.

Under Hong Seng’s leadership, his company has achieved impressive results, generating over 100 million USD in annual revenue. He is currently expanding his e-commerce business to other countries, including the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and UAE. In addition to his work in e-commerce, Hong Seng is also a co-founder of a logistic and fulfilment service company in Texas, USA. He is an investor and advisor for two tech start-ups in Malaysia and an investor and mentor for a construction company in New York, USA. His extensive experience in multiple industries demonstrates his ability to leverage his expertise in different fields to drive success and growth.

Alina Aeby (Independent Director) – Alina is a Global Advisor with expertise in Real Estate, Proptech, and Economic Development, Alina’s focus is on consultancy and brokerage in these sectors, with a particular interest in addressing socio-economic issues. Her goal is to identify and create partnerships that can improve efficiency, productivity, crowdfunding, shared and democratized investment practices, home ownership affordability, urban planning, quality of life, preservation, repurposing, technology, and sustainability.

To achieve this, she works to create a synergistic networking platform environment in the global Proptech space. She also identifies Proptech companies that offer solutions for addressing local, regional, and global problems and obstacles, and help them identify their scalability potential, from local to global markets.

In addition, she plays a vital role in connecting capital, Proptech, developers, government, non-government structures, and end-users in a collaborative effort to make housing policies and property rights attainable, protected, and cohesive. Through her global leadership volunteering efforts and SDG advocacy, she strives to make a positive impact on the world.

Her ultimate aim is to contribute to the creation of a world where everyone has access to affordable and sustainable housing, where urban planning and development are efficient and sustainable, and where people can enjoy a high quality of life.


‘The Value & Application of Proptech for Real Estate Professionals: Cutting Through the Noise’

Honoured and excited to have been invited to present a paper about the 2023 and beyond Proptech trends focusing on emerging markets!

What opportunities are the most viable, with a strong business sense, and which challenges ‘prop-technologists’ are mostly facing in these markets.

I strongly believe that, while the backbone of applications might be very similar in different areas of the world, the front end has to be “adapted” to local culture, habits and “social sense”….

I will definitely need to do some research on this and get ready for the day!

As CBO of Athena Smart Cities, I’m avid to learn from all the speaking engagements I’m offered. A unique opportunity to get connected with the market’s stakeholders and network with local professionals!

Truly appreciate the opportunity given by the Africa Real Estate Society, Sean Godoy (Divercity Property Solutions ) and Neltah Tshepiso Mosimanegape (Tempest Gold Property ) I’ll do my best to bring value to all attendees!

As the event is online, register your interest to participate here, and I’ll see you virtually on June 8, 2023!

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Dress for the Job You Want!

Rephrasing this rule into, Be Where Big Tech Things Are Happening, Athena Smart Cities is honoured to have been accepted as a Silicon Valley PropTech Association member!

Silicon Valley, where the global tech giants have their HQ is for Athena the perfect marketing launching pad and marketing/branding operation.

We are also looking forward to contributing to the further growth of SVPA and hoping that the US market will welcome our deep-tech solutions for smart cities!

Stay tuned for more news, and follow us for continuous updates!

Check our innovative solution here and get in touch with us for smart solutions!

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